After a date ,who should call first and what are the implications ?

@ronnyb (6125)
November 16, 2008 11:54am CST
You went out with someone for the first time,from all indications they had a good time and you parted amicably with a promise to keep in touch.My question is who should call first,the man or the woman.Is the first person to call and indication of who is more interested or who is desperate ?.If the woman calls first ,is that an indication that she is easy ?.If she doesnt call,should the man assume that she is not interested and leave her to her own mechanism or women are turned on by men who are persistent ?. Just a few questions that make the dating process even hard but never the less interesting.What are your views ?
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@zstyle (7)
• China
16 Nov 08
I think i will go more conservative. in most cases, although women calling is really common now, i still do think men should call--and luckily, most of them think so too. So the date did go well, they will usually take it for granted that they should call in a couple of days. But if the date did not go that well, if the woman really wants the man much more, but the man is showing not much interest, which situation i take as a rare one, it will be good if the woman call, or else she may not get a call at all! In this case, a call is to save a possible relationship which the man has not realized yet! We know that sometimes men really likes it when women shows more interest. Well, if they are acquaintances, i assume they chat online or send casual sms from time to with these casual ways, "a call" is less and less to the point
@ronnyb (6125)
• Jamaica
17 Nov 08
you have provided a fair amount of insight into the situation.