Megalido is killing itself!

@tombiz (2039)
November 16, 2008 12:17pm CST
With the latest development in Megalido, it looks like the program and the admin is not admitting that there is a big problem with the cashflow. With his latest decision of changing the plan drastically, he is just killing the site and the program effectively. Why? Who would ever continue investing with it after seeing that BIG CHANGE? If he has a lot of investments in the program, then why change the plan? I think he is just lying. Read for yourself the latest announcement... "Dear members, I understand you are very worried about the program and I apologize it took me a little time to let you know about the situation. I asked you to calm down and wait but that clearly didn't work, the server switch caused several database errors and we had to take care of everything, everything is now ready and the big changes will now appear on the website. The big changes you were all expecting is about our plan, the 12%x12 days plan is now gone, I want you to understand that this is not being done because of a cashflow problem, we are doing this because the amounts of money we have been receiving are increasing a lot and a new plan is needed in order to maintain the exchange of money between the trading platforms and the payment processors. The new plan pays 4% and it lasts for 36 days, which means you will still receive 44% of profit but it will take 36 days, not 12. I have never disappointed you before and I'm not going to do it now, if I wanted, I could have ran with all your money but I didn't, I'm still here and we are together, fighting everything and everyone in order to become the best program this industry has ever seen. The new plan is being applied to the website now and it may take some time until you all see it, some will see it right now, some will see if later but don't worry, the process will be completed as quick as possible. All the pending payments you have will be transferred to the new plan, I'm sorry but that is something we have to do, I hope you understand me. You still need to surf 12 pages daily to get credit and the pendings will be paid within 48 hours, as stated on our terms and F.A.Q. If you have an active upgrade, continue to surf and when you complete the 12 days, it will be moved to the new plan too. I am not running away now and I do not plan to do it, I understand you may be scared with these changes but they are necessary if we want to keep MegaLido sustainable and I'm sure we all do. I'm sticking with you and I hope you all will stick with me, your support is very important at this point and I hope our relationship will continue to be very good. I'm sorry I made you wait these last two days but a new MegaLido is now born and you will profit from it, I assure you that. I really appreciate the ones who stayed positive during these days and thank you so much for being a part of this huge project. Yours, Michael"
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@jackiew (915)
• Canada
16 Nov 08
I heard people were doing good there and i was requested to join.I didn't join but i was thinking seriously about it.Glad i read your discussion today.I don't think i will follow through on joining now.Good Luck
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• Chile
16 Nov 08
I-ve registered at that site today. Now, I-ve read yopur comment and surely will not invest there. Thanks for the advice.
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@Jimeous (858)
• New Zealand
16 Nov 08
Strangely, I saw that announcement at the site TaketheGlobe's Forum. Anyway, I've never had the guts to try sites like Megalido even when there were people at myLot that seemed to making some good coin out of it. Judging from the outside it looks like the owner has more realistic earnings in place but he has lost the faith of many members whom were looking to make a quick buck. I hope all the myLotters that were in Megalido are getting thier money's worth.