Another PTP program! Platinum Lounge! Have you heard of it or Not? Open Up!

United States
November 16, 2008 1:01pm CST
I've been a member of Platinum Lounge for a week and I'm one step away from getting paid. The program is a little confusing to start but it's easy to understand. Here I'll explain it. Basically all you have to do is post. In any forum. My favorite forum is ilaugh because you can read a bunch of jokes and all you have to do is post about it. Meaning post "lol" or "that was funny" or "funny" all you need is short sentences. The lowest paying is $2.00 to $7.00 twice a month. So you can profit from $4.00 a month to $14.00 for posting short sentences or words. If you interesting in joining let me know. And I will give you 5000 points if you join under me since you can give points to friends under ifriend.
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@jstmarfz (1499)
• United States
16 Nov 08
I agree with you. As a member of PL its really easy because you can just give short comment in each discussion. The thing was, I was already in a rank of Lounge Varsity and went back to Lounge Rookie. I really do not know why.
• Chile
16 Nov 08
Ill check it. Thanks for the advice.
@Metalchick (1387)
16 Nov 08
I have been a member there for a little under two months and have recieved payout twice from them. They pay fairly fast although I have recently just dropped down ranks so will not qualify for payment if my ranking doesn't improve soon.