Id forgotten I knew all of it!

20th anniversary - Taken from official Red Dwarf fan site.
@Ritz100 (1119)
November 16, 2008 3:23pm CST
Ive just found some old videos and decided to watch the original red dwarf series. You remember, backwards, queeg! I hadnt realised that I can quote line for line and word for word, every single episode. I used to watch it religiously and never got bored watching it again and again. Anyone else got good old british comedy vids that they watch over and over?
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@nancyrowina (3850)
2 Feb 09
They've started repeating it on Dave and I've been watching them again, they were brilliant I was so glad to see them again, the characters are so funny. I still have video's of the young ones and comic strip presents I watch sometimes.
@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
7 Feb 09
I love comic strip presents, Id forgotten all about that one, Ill have to try and get some copies of them. Thanks for the reminder. And what is Dave by the way?