If It Was Just As Easy To Buy A Gun As It Is To Vote?

@gewcew23 (8011)
United States
November 16, 2008 4:04pm CST
To buy a gun of any can you have to have a drivers licence, you have to have a background check, and even at one time you had to wait several days to buy a gun. If you are a felony, a nut job, or you cannot prove who you are then you cannot buy a gun legally in America. When you finally get to buying the gun you have to pay a 15% federal tax on that gun to pay for the background check. This election year we learned that it is illegal in some states, including my state for a poll worker to require a voter I.D card like a drivers license because the poor might not be able to afford an I.D. In Ohio a judge ruled that homeless can say that the bench on 3rd and D street is their place of residence. In Maine felonies can vote. The mentally disable have the right to vote even if they do not know what voting is. At one time there was a poll tax to pay for the ballots, people to count those ballots, and any other expenses, but that was ruled unconstitutional. In America it is a right to vote, this right is protected by the U.S Constitution, yet the same Constitution says that you have the right to own a gun. I do wonder why the same crowd that want to make voting as easy as possible want to make gun ownership as hard as possible?
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