I think Director Chose Wrong Actress As Heroin Of Spider Man

@rezax123 (395)
November 16, 2008 5:10pm CST
I saw the Spider Man Cartoon In Star Plus. and as the character the actor was ok. but the heroin isnt ok. i think she is a Bul..it as the mary jane character. if u r spider man lover. than u know that. u hope the heroin will more hot and cute. but she has nothing bout that.
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@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
17 Nov 08
If you are a spiderman fan you wouldn't be saying anything about hot when you talk about the heroin. The only thing is the actress is too skinny lol cause Mary Jane isn't skinny in the cartoon thin yeah but skinny like anorexic skinny no she isn't supposed to be. The director got the perfect actors for each of the parts in regards to the ability to deliver the lines convincingly. Otherwise it wouldn't have been such a hit to inspire Spiderman 2 and 3.
@diillu (5128)
17 Nov 08
But I think that the Mary Jane character certainly suits the spiderman character because Spider man is not spiderman through out 24 hours of a day. He is spider man when the situation calls but during the normal hours he just a simple college boy "Peter". So, inorder to suit his normal character, Mary jane must have been created. I think these two characters perfectly suit eachother.