Is this weird sports food?

November 16, 2008 6:35pm CST
I wanted to get into ultra-marathon competition, so I sought the help of two sports doctors specializing in cellular nutrition. This is what they fed me daily: 1. six eggs; 2. two cups chicken meat; 3. two cups fish meat; 4. two-hundred grams beef; 5. two liters of full-cream milk; 6. one kilo leafy veggies; 7. half a kilo solid veggies; 8. one kilo fruits; 9. three liters alkaline water; 10. four cups of mountain rice; 11. four cups cooked pasta; 12. half a loaf of whole-wheat bread; three tablespoons of beef liver; and 14. half a cup of Lactobaccilli Casei. Do you think these had any good or bad effects on my body? Or on my performance?
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• Canada
17 Nov 08
yes that is Definetly weird lol. But sounds very healthy. Not to mention sorta gross, but healthy none the less. Good luck with your ultra-marathon :)