turn back time

United States
November 16, 2008 6:50pm CST
its been over a year since i lost my house and i can still smell the house burning and watching all of mystuff going up in flames. if i could turn back time i would. I would find out what started the fire and i would stand there and weight for the flames to start and i would be right there to stop the flames so i would not be homeless for a year or maybe longer. i guess what i am turing to say is if you would be in my foot steps what would you do
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• Canada
17 Nov 08
I know where I live, whenever there is any kind of fire there is always people there to investigate the aftermath and find out exactly what happened. Sometimes it takes some time but they always figure it out, whether it was the electrical work or someone leaving a candle burning. Its funny that they didnt do this in your case. Did they say anything to you at all about what it could have been? Were you home when it happened? Sleeping? Im so sorry for your loss. And how were you homeless for a year? Did u not get any insurance money back?
• United States
18 Nov 08
thankyou for the response they said it might of been the wires and stuff but they was not sure i live in pa on rt 27 near warren. we was getting ready for bed my husband just got home from work and i just got done cooking him a pizza. yes we did get insurance money but no body would let us stay with thim even if we did pay them for rent and no hotels would take my puppie. and the reasion i said that we was homeless is that we did not have a home of our own. right now we are staying in my husbands grandma's house.