When you don't know what to say to a girl in telephone,what should you do?

November 16, 2008 7:39pm CST
Today is the second day of "girl's day".It's a special festival for girl for our school.It lasts for a week and almost every girl can receive gifts.ZGirls are the happies people in a week. I taked my cellphone up and called a girl.After saying"happy girl's day"and answering"thanks"we were silent.Maybe i don't know much about her so there's few topic to keep talking.At last we hang up in less than i minute. If you were me.what will you do in the situation.
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• United States
17 Nov 08
well i dont know where you are from cause where i live there is no such thing, but about your (?), do you know this girl? is she a friend or some one you just met? depending on your relationship with this girl determent what you would say. 1. Lets say you don't know much about her like you said, so getting to know her could be the main goal of your conversation, you could start by asking her..... "what have you been up too""what are you doing today/tomorrow""what do you do when you are bored""you have any hobbies" Just ask questions that she could answer girls like to talk about themselves and they like men to listen, after you ask she will most likely start talking and talking and talking about herself, and one thing will lead to another.
• China
17 Nov 08
I agree your point,thanks. I come from China.