PTC Watchlist : MyBux Network Sites

@Jimeous (858)
New Zealand
November 16, 2008 10:53pm CST
In a previous post I talked about the GPTNetworks sites and the risk those Paid to Click and Get Paid To Sites were. Today I thought I'd cover the MyBux Network Sites and ask people if they have any experiences with them. Hopefully this topic will encourage others to look at thier PTC Sites and be wary if it is occurring there. MyBux Nework Site CashMyBux ClickMyBux EarnMyBux MakeMyBux Unsustainable Business Model They sell advertising on thier Paid to Click Sites for $9 per 1000 Ad Links, this will be a long term problem, since they are paying members $19.99 to click on those 1000 advertisements. IsabelMarco had the same business model and are a step closer to running away now that only Upgraded Members are paid. So expect the MyBux Network Sites to head in the same direction Delayed Payments While it seems they are paying, there was a post in their Forums involving 1 member of all 4 Sites that hasn't been paid since June. Another post at another PTC Forum was complaining about the delay in non payment. The admin of the site said that he will get around to paying them, but thier ToS state 30 days and he even quotes it at times. Keep Clicking but don't invest Like all PTC Sites, avoid investing any money especially if you are new to them, that means, no buying upgrades, no buying or renting referrals. If you're a member of these sites and you have been paid or been waiting, then please inform us all. I'm not in EarnMyBux, but the others I've finally reached Payout so my wait has been short so we'll keep an eye on them.
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