For you, and your Experience. What is Love for you?

November 17, 2008 12:21am CST
Love has different meanings for each one of us. We give meaning to it by the experience we have or on to our belief on it. For me Love is like the rosary mystery. Joyful, Sorrow, Light and Glorious. Love gives us Joy as well as it gives us sorrows. Some get happiness by means of love and some get pains by means of it too. Light, it is like picturing a person that inspite of the things you are going through of Loving, you still have the Light of love in your heart. It always remains and you are always ready to believe there is Love. It includes of sharing, giving and feeling love to every special person in your life. Glorious, also means everlasting. It also means unconditional Love, Forever Love. That in the test of time you have fulfilled to love one another forever and the vows you made. Like the saying.. Till Death do us Part.
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