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November 17, 2008 9:16am CST
Have you ever had to overcome drugs in your life?Or anything that you were addicted to.How about someone close to you?Tell me your story and how it affected you.How is sobriety maintained?How much of a support system did you have?And what was your Drug of Choice?I know how personal this subject is and i hope i did not affend anyone.I have many personal stories of my own.This is a subject that has affected my life on a very personal level.Now that i have overcome my addiction,there are still people in my life who are still struggling and it hurts.I pray for them but it's my sobriety that i have to maintain.
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@scorpio19 (1363)
19 Nov 08
Hi, I had a very big drinking problem many year ago about 13 yrs ago and I just stopped, it took me a bit of time but I managed it on my own because I think through my drinking I was taken on to a very tough road, taking my kids a long with me and one day I just knew I couldn't do it anymore to myself and my kids and that stopped me, how do I maintain a sober life? well once you have a comparison of a life of drinking and a good life sober the thought of ever drinking again and living a life like that, turns my stomach but with so much time that as passed now the fact I had a problem with drink isn't really an issue for my everyday life, it's not something that plagues me that I must keep sober, I just don't drink now unless it's socially.
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