Does your month and sign determine who you are ?

@ronnyb (6120)
November 17, 2008 12:34pm CST
Some people are so passionate about astrology,they would never date another person who wasnt born under a compatible sign for fear the relationship doesnt last.These are the very same persons who cant leave the house before they hear their horroscope and listen to the do's and teh dont's so as to be successfull during the day.If they miss their horroscope ,thats sure failure.Do you believe that your personality is written in the stars and if so who put it there. I like to think who we are is a product of genetics and environment .
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@redchase (347)
17 Nov 08
my friend is one of those people who wont date a person who isnt a compatible sign. i personally think its crazy to judge a person based on the stars rather than on who they actually are. if they annoy you after you meet them then thats great but dont say "oh i hate capricorns or whoever" because then you rule out friendships with a ton of really great people. i'll admit i look into astrology every now and then and for the most part the description of me is pretty right. my brother and my bf are the same sign as i am but we're all so different. my sister is a capricorn and so is one of my best friends and according to astrology we shouldnt get along. ha astrology i proved you wrong! lol. i think i rely on personality tests more than astrology. those have never failed me.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
17 Nov 08
I am not so passionate that I have to read my horoscope before I leave the house, but I do enjoy reading it just to see what it says. And then I can compare it to what actually happens that day and to how I am feeling. It is more like I just read it to see if it is right. :) I do believe that I have met a lot of people who are Capricorns, and most of us are very number and financial oriented. When I worked at the mortgage company, it seemed like the Capricorns excelled and were a lot better at their jobs. I have heard that Capricorns are more likely to be accountants or bankers, or work with numbers in some way. Of course, I also believe that we are all unique individuals and that is only one little portion of all that we are made up of. Thank you for starting this discussion, and have a great day!
@adeeb747 (100)
17 Nov 08
yes it is i see it in me and my friend how is born 1 month befor me