Do you think people really want to know how you are doing ?

@ronnyb (6120)
November 17, 2008 9:44pm CST
Hello ,good morning ,how are you doing - do you really think people want to know how you are doing or is just a formality.For most persons its just a fromality,as quick as they say it they are moving on because they know that almost on impulse you will say that "I am ok".This response now raises the question ,were you telling the truth.Most people will say they are fine even when something is wrong and most people dont need to know something is wrong . Just to check ,next time someone ask you, how you are doing ,stop and tell them ,the real way you feel and see how many of them will stop and actually listen.
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@suzzy3 (8357)
18 Nov 08
It is a greeting of concern and friendliness which is good, I think the majority of people don't know what to say,I alwsys ask how they are and they do me, sometimes the answers no but it is good to talk.
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• China
19 Nov 08
I never thought about it before. I'll will try to tell them what I am really feeling or doing because it is very interesting. I did not tell people how I was really feeling before, because I did not want people get to my mind. I should have my own private business.
@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
19 Nov 08
I like your answer ,I feel happy to know that I have influenced a positive change in you .
17 Aug 10
I agree with the friendliness and concern bit when someone asks you how you're doing. A lot of people do want to know how you're doing, especially if they know you or have seen you struggle in the past. Now I wouldn't specifically tell a stranger how I was doing if they asked me how I was doing--but I agree to the "I'm okay", or what I say at times on impulse, "I'm fine, thanks" that it's kind of an automatic response. A lot of times I think I'm a bit scared to see what someone would say if I stopped and told people how I really feel. It's gotten me into a lot of trouble for not speaking the truth, but I'm guarded because I've been hurt a lot before. I don't want people knowing about me if they intend to walk out of my life. However, I know that there are a lot of people out there that I do trust and could tell. It just takes me a lot longer to tell them. And just because you tell someone, doesn't mean that they're going to understand everything that you're feeling--but it really depends on the person and the situation.