Man, can you do the houseworks too?

@pzygtt (193)
November 17, 2008 11:48pm CST
Some one said that a man can do the housework is not a real man,and a little woman-like.But I don't think so,I think this kind of man who can help to do the housework,is a man who knows how to live and with chariness.Isn't it a happy thing that to help his lover cook and wash? The facts shows that women like their husband to do some housework.The key is how to lead them,and let them know it ought to.Habit change into character. I like the man with handsome face and can do the housework too.I find these men are mature,and some of them are boss and leaders. Once a cook pursued me,and but for i have bf then,I must fall in love with him.For I can not cook,and he can cook well,and his food is so delicious.hehe,if I had married to him,my stomache must be very happy.I did not marry to him just as well,or else I must be the pig. I did not like to do the house work,and I wish my future pratner can help me to do it.I find it unfair the we must do the housework and the men don't.
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18 Nov 08
I think it is important for a man to help with the house work. I have been living with my boyfriend for 4 years now, and when we first moved in together, he did not want to do anything around the house. I would get so frustrated because I working 3 jobs, plus taking care of the house, I was always exhausted. Since we started cleaning together, not only are we happier, we are able to keep everything extremely clean. I also make sure think it helps keep the relationship equal. If a man was womanlly for doing housework, then what would happen to single men who live alone? Would they live in a pig pen??
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