Can be consider making money online a second job? Can it pay Enough?

@gyramary (152)
November 18, 2008 12:27am CST
Hi, i'm trying to earn some more money online. I found it really hard and till now i earned only few dollars. What's your esperience? Can make money online became a real second job? How much is possible to earn? How much you earn monthly?
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• Singapore
18 Nov 08
Making money online is my second job. My first is housework. Yes! I'm a stay/work at home mom. I'm trying to make some money here and there to supplement my expenses. The highest I have earned is more than $100 in a month, but I think it is possible to earn more. I have not explored them all though. Now I'm making close to $50 every month regularly.
@gyramary (152)
• Italy
18 Nov 08
Hi, thanks for your answer. Can you tell me how you earn $50 per month? i'm really in needing do at least the same
@riyasam (16571)
• India
24 Nov 08
i had thought of making some extra money when i had joined mylot initially ,i think i have been able to make only peanuts by now.
@jamesgrub (673)
• United States
18 Nov 08
i don't know if making money online could be a full time job but it could be a way to earn extra money, it is for me. also if you wanted it to be a full income you'd have to do a lot of different sites. i use treasure troopers, ciao, and mylot the most. i usually make 30 dollars a month on treasure troopers, and its different on ciao every month. i haven't been payed by mylot yet but i should reach payout this month.