Have you ever submitted your assignment to your teacher late?

November 18, 2008 7:18am CST
As a student at a University, I often get a lot of assignments to do in my study. Also, the teachers also give me a lot of homework. Sometimes, I feel very tired and full of stress. And now, I study one more university, so I get a lot of works to do from these two universities. Since I have to spend time online to surf something, I don't have enough time to do my assignment early. But sometime, I have enough time to do them. The problem that make me submit my assignment late is that I always do thing at the last minute. When my teacher give me assignment, I don't care about it and put it in my bag without any care about it. I think that I will be able to do it at the deadline of the assignment. As a result, I often submit the assignment to the teacher late. This is a serious problem that I experience in my life as a student. I think there are many people who are the same to me, but maybe they try to change themselves to the right way. For me I am very difficult to change my habit.
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@landi927 (657)
• China
18 Nov 08
I often submit my assignment late.The most reason for it is I often forget to bring the assignment with me to the class in the day I should submit it. But it is very lucky that my teachers are very good. They don't mind I submit the assignment late. What they really care about is the quality of the assignments. I think most of teacher concern the quality of an assignment most important. But I think you should try to change your habit. Frankly, submitting assignment late is not a good behaviour. We should respect our teacher. Don't say you can't change it before you try to do it.
• Cambodia
18 Nov 08
Yes! I tried to do it, but it always come to me again and again. My teacher also cares about the quality of the assignment, and especially the deadline the assignment that he assigned.
• Germany
19 Nov 08
I submitted an assignment late once in this semester, i have never submitted late, and i think i will never let this happen again. In my college, if we submit one day late, the mark will be deducted 10% each day. I submitted late not because i was last minute, i normally will finish it even it's a last minute work and get a good grade. But that time, i had a big quarrel with my husband for few days and finally i had fever, that really made me cannot concentrate on my assignment and cannot think of anything! I finally got an MC, but i'm not sure the lecturer accept it or not, i wonder whether the mark was deducted 10%, as i got a slightly lower mark than before. Well, i think submitting the assignment is a bad habit, i agree with the quality assignment, but somehow the lecturers always want us to submit on time as this is the responsibility as a student. Just try to make it, as you said you actually have time before the due date. Good luck for your studies :-)
• India
18 Nov 08
Yeah.. this used to happend for all my friends on every week, because we have a regular assignments for every week.. Since our college is the Autonomous college, the assignment will took the important role for my internal marks calculations. For every monday, is the assignment submissions day, most of our friends used to go to their native places (since they stay here in hostels and study their courses) and come back to city on monday morning only. Most of our friends used to collect the assignment papers from the us, and write the same in the college and submit the same in the second hours.. We some of us, those who stays here in the city we used to write the same in times, our friends used to collect the same from us and wrote their assignments. I have not failed to submit the same in time so far.. Have a good day.
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
Once I had submitted late one of my assignment to my teacher and I got a lower mark. So I change my study habit and made sure that all my assigments were accomplished and submitted on time.