I just don't get it.

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
November 18, 2008 8:48am CST
We finally let the help go. This was way over due. There were multiple reasons as to why he needed to go, the least of which was his not calling and not showing up for days at a time. When things got so slow we couldn't afford to pay him to sit around and do crossword puzzles. Now, if I can't afford to have an employee, how can I afford to pay him to sit on his rear at home? We are gonna fight this. I have over 4 pages of info relating to his attitude problems, his laying out from work, his being late almost daily coming back from lunch, his being smart to customers. We are getting come backs at this point from jobs he did. Yes, he has health issues. Yes, we do care about him. But he isn't going to go out and get a job. No one in their right mind would hire him. Why did we. We have known him for years. In the past he was always reliable. His work was good. We could count on him. He hasn't been the person we knew for over a year. We tried to hold on partially because we do care about him. Partially because my husband was concerned that if something happened to where he was incapacitated for a few days we would have to shut down completely. I tried to get him to let him go a year ago. The last day he worked, he was late by 2 hours after lunch. That was a Friday. He didn't call or come in the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We called him and explained that things were slow and we couldn't keep him on. We had already told him back in September that he should start looking for a job because things were slowing. He looked at us, said he understood and that he wasn't a vampire. When we had work, we let him work in the meantime. During this time, he was also talking of moving to another state. His house is on the market. So, now, he and the state think I should pay him to stay home? Something is wrong with this picture. I just don't get it.
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@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
19 Nov 08
Good for you gettin rid of him but do you mean he wants to file unemployment? Isn't that already taken out I thought so but if not then i can see why you will fight this wouldn't blame you one bit..Keep me posted Huggles
@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Rose, we went more than the extra mile for this person. He really took advantage of us. There were times when we would be caught up for the day and it would be time to clean up the shop. Barry would clean for 30 minutes or better before Todd would decide to get up from doing a crossword puzzle and help. Then he would do the bare minimum. He wouldn't put things away, expensive brake lathe components he would leave where they could accidentally be knocked over. Barry asked him many times not to do this. One piece in particular was over $750.00 and we don't want to have to replace it. He did something really stupid. We begged him not to. He went to one of these fly by night places for a loan. Well, he got behind. They finally had to garnish his wages. He took it out on me. I didn't cause it. Well, I called because one of the payments I made on this didn't clear the bank. Somehow it got lost in the mail. When I called the court to ask about it, they asked if I had his case number because he has several. The next week I got a call from another creditor on him. They own their own house and don't owe anything on it. He isn't looking for a job. Even if he got one he wouldn't last a month. I found out he told his wife on several occasions when he laid out that we had sent him home. We may have sent him home 3 times ever. Then it was because he was vomiting everywhere. If his wife saw the things I have written up on him, well, she would kill him. He is one of these people that won't accept responsibility for his own issues or actions. It isn't him, it's the rest of the world. I have compared him many times to a prison full of woman PMS'ing. His doctor, whom is also my doctor, says the same thing. We aren't exagerating. He could be laughing and joking one second and having a fit of rage the next. I just feel if you can't be responsible, it shouldn't go against others. Many people are sick, in pain, feel really bad, but they work. Earn your pennies is all I'm asking.