control birth pills didnt effect your health?

November 18, 2008 10:09am CST
after having my 2nd child I decided to take pills because I wanted to focus on 2 kids. I take my birthcontrol pills and It really effect in my mood. I become irritable, my skin get rough, I always fell to sleep and i lost weight. I have to go my doctor to find out whats wrong of my pills, finally she given me another pills. I give it a try and I felt same way she advice me to have IUD birth control. Im afraid about it coz i heard many friends tried it and so, i didnt do it. My husband so pitty on me suffered of taking pills and I tried Injection too for every 3 months. stil didnt work. He, my husband decided to sacrifice himself in order me to stop the bad effect of my body. he decided to cut his tube or we called " visectomy" he says we can still a baby after he wanted to fix it back again. so here we are..we both agreed! Now we are safe. finally effect of pills on me stop. i gain my weight back normally i am 55kilos. Im happy for it! what about you? what most effect you got from taking birth control pills?
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13 Jun 10
Well thats true..birth control pills are not really good.Prevention is better than cure. I recently heard my neighbour will this problem and the reason was birth pills.