how can i make sure that my steak tartare is safe?

@mazdakid (347)
November 18, 2008 10:12am CST
i'd love to try steak tartare, but i'm worried about beef tapeworm, especially after stumbling upon a short story called "The Worm Within" (which, although possibly just a fictional story, tells about the true potential experience of having a beef tapeworm, which can reach to 1 metre or more, inside your guts). how can i make sure that the restaurant that i'm eating in would serve me a safe steak tartare? and, just wondering, about the Mr Bean episode where he had to ate a raw ground beef patty... was that steak tartare?
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23 Nov 08
Steak Tartare is finely chopped or sliced raw beef (or sometimes horse). It is most usually arranged into a patty shape. The most important thing for steak tartare is that the meat should be fresh and high quality. My advice if oyu want to make sure it is hygenic is either to buy high quality steak from a butchers or go to a very expensive restaurant.
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@mazdakid (347)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
hi Rainsborough! thank you for your comment! although i'm planning to stick to cooked meats (especially when my mom, who is a doctor, told me about how it's like to have a beef tapeworm inside you), i would still like to try steak tartare. i'll take note of your advice. and to be very safe, i'll just try one of them high-quality restaurants. =) for us in the philippines, eating raw meat is the equivalent of eating "balut" (or fertilised duck egg) for most other people around the world... it's a culinary adventure. =)