November 18, 2008 10:37am CST
Do you like PUGS???
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@inkyuboz (1288)
• Mandaluyong City, Philippines
26 Jan 09
This is my favorite dog breed, aside from the Labrador Retriever. Pugs are just the cutest dogs. They are so underrated. I think they're the funniest dogs ever.
@Tiherina (83)
• United States
24 Jan 09
I LOVE pugs! Oh man, they are way too adorable to be allowed as pets. Most of my friends dislike pugs because they are "ugly" but I think pugs have to be some of the cutest dogs out there. If I could, I'd totally take a pug as a pet. I mean, I love dogs, but come on, you gotta have a pug. They're just so little and cute, with their big eyes and permanent pout on their face....who doesn't love a pug?
• United States
22 Jan 09
pugs are the best. their temperament is wonderful & mine is the biggest baby ever.
@Zaphan (711)
• Philippines
21 Jan 09
hehehe!I love pug their funny face! it makes me laugh really.. even though I don't have one I'd love to have one too....
• United States
3 Jan 09
I love pugs. I have one. his name is po and he is the cutiest thing ever. he loves to play and is always active. then at night he is out. he snores really loud too. its so funny.
@shonali (1286)
• India
21 Nov 08
yeah i do like pugs...whats not to like in them,.... they loook cute.... they are very funny...always up to some trick.... they make u laugh...they are compact dogs...easy to carry around.... theres only one problem that because of their mouth pressed against the face they usually have breathing problem.....
• China
19 Nov 08
Sure, pugs is so cute. So cute face, so cute walking way. Everything is cute. I love them.
@kaka135 (14068)
• Malaysia
19 Nov 08
Well, I don't know why, I just don't really like pugs. I don't know how their characteristics are, I don't like them just purely because of their looks.
@lajaded1 (96)
• United States
19 Nov 08
i love them! they are so cute i love their big dog attitudes.