Relationship Problems

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November 18, 2008 10:40am CST
I need some experienced help, I've met this girl 8 Months ago and we got together, the thing is we went through a hard time. She got pregnant and stuff happend pretty fast. She's of age and all this if it brings some curiousity. The problem is Drama, always way in the past relationships and this one for some reason i cant let go. I'm crazy about her and i know im for sure she's the one i want to spend life with. Now here's my problem. We broke up twice in 2 weeks during the first 3 months and they were stupid people said this, and that. Dramatizations that turned into lies i believe both times. Things went well for 5 months after that until she met this guy, i know nothing went on im positive on this but when the Drama started a few weeks after that. Now remember i'm on my third chance, this happend in the past with relationships and had been a problem ever since but i dont want to lose this one, i care more then anything. I want to know if its possible i can be taken back. I understand i messed up everytime by listening to other people but people now a days make things so positive and make it so convincing. Now i always talked to her again it every other time but i was curious and just flipped out on her. She knows i didnt do it on perpose and im good on that but she won't give me another chance and i understand that trust is a big thing with her. I lost her trust, but im not one to give up on something other people helped me destroy. I broke up with her over something that never happend and its been 2 days now and she'll never give me another chance so she's stuck on. I don't know what to do. its always happend this way before, i need some help. If theres anybody out there willing to give me some advice and maybe give me a recommendation on how to appoach things be my guest. I'm trying to save something that will hurt me forever. Its been 3 Chances but they were all Drama from other people, now she's always kept her 1 chance, i had 3. She never did anything wrong, i just feed into drama to always break things apart. Now i know love is stronger then anything in this world, can somebody help me regain what i lost for my sake and her heart. She told me after i left her that i'll always have her heart and that she'll always love me. is it finally over or is there something i can do to prove more then anything, now be advised that i cant see her, she'll just shut the door in my face for being untrustworthy. i know i did wrong, but im paying for it in pain and she just doesnt want to deal with it anymore, im trying my best but i need some help from people who have been down this road before. Please im begging somebody to answer my cry for help, im living everyday from that day in pain becuase i was clouded from the truth. please help me.
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20 Dec 08
Have you tried sending a letter with how you feel, or a poem expressing your feelings, or maybe even if you all have like a singing telegram service have them do that expressing your emaotions to her. I also agree with the others guys comment. I think you need to change your friends as well. I think your friends are just jealous of ou having her and they cant. Good luck in getting her back I hope things work out.