Im bored and want a good mmorpg

United States
November 18, 2008 3:10pm CST
I cant seem to find a decent game. Im sick of WoW I want another game thats worth playing to get me through some time. Does anybody have some suggestions?
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• Canada
18 Nov 08
Have you tried City of Villains or City of Heroes? Not sure how populated it is anymore as I haven't been playing for a couple of years, but I had many good hours playing the CoX series. Doesn't have the best staying value, but its got some innovative ideas and its definatly good for a few months of entertainment. I played on and off for about a year and a half.
• United States
18 Nov 08
Ill look into those, thanks a lot
@up9nine (38)
• China
25 Nov 08
i think ,,,if no friend play games online with you ,each of them is bored,,i suggest you could try some games in PS2or3,Wii ,xbox and so on,,although the game is playing at home ,may be it's real interesting!get a try!
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
23 Nov 08
I will suggest CABAL. I've tried it out and it's worth to kill some time. Once, I addicted to it, I played all day long from morning till night and from night till morning. I was like a living zombie playing CABAL online. Try it out and maybe you gonna be like me... Haha, just kidding...
@Purtle (274)
• United States
18 Nov 08
My suggestion would be to try some other types of games. Maybe try some First Person Shooters (FPS's)like Counter strike, Team Foretress 2, Call of Duty 4. You could also try a Real Time Strategy game(RTS) like supreme commander, starcraft, age of empires 3. If you do try them tell me how it goes :)