Are u possessive on your partner??

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November 18, 2008 7:09pm CST
Hi, Are u a possessive partner? taking control of your partner's activities..I am one of those.. I love my partner so much that I cant take it even if he is too close to his pals or folks or even to a kid.. If i let him free, he goes out with his friends and boozes a lot, which is again not good for his health.. At times, i feel what i am doing is wrong.. At times, I feel its better to control the partner rather than leaving him free and losing him to someone.. How do I go about this?? Regards, Akila
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20 Nov 08
I know it's hard to see a guy do things you may not approve of. I often question whether or not I can stay with a guy if I don't like all of his choices. I would never want to try to get him to stop though. I used to criticize guys a lot though and try to change them. I don't want to try to change anybody. It's way too exhausting. I never want to try to control another person's time either. At the same time if I don't feel that person is what I want him to be I just let him go-eventually.
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21 Nov 08
Thank you for your response..
@sonustar (328)
• India
19 Nov 08
hello mylottians thank you for posting your comments. yes ofcos every real loved ones have each other. There is nothing called wrong but at that the same time you should understand and believe them. My answer is also YES. Thank you have a nice time keep mylotting.
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19 Nov 08
Thank you for your comments