when will the human race end?

United States
November 18, 2008 7:49pm CST
ive been thinking lately with all the evolution going on, and a lot of it do to technology, how long will we be able to survive. are there going to be volcanic erruptions again, and meteor showers or what? Even if we can end up cloning our selves how long will that last. Will America be able to re pay its debts to china? whats going to happen to us... i wonder. Whos going to win this "natural selection" and be the survivor of the fittest, or is there even one. Are we all just going to disappear? We all have many complications still, our body's are very vulnerable to many infections and medicine can only go so far. when/will we eventually go away to make room for the next speicies that will hopefully be better evolved for this world? I find it funny how we on this world we call earth are so mean to eachother. We depend on eachother, remember when we were cave men ...haha. well then we didnt have tools and now its like we make fun of garbage men for doing a job many of us wouldnt want, though its neccesary. Any responses accepted.
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@dhatam7 (258)
• India
19 Nov 08
I think the human race will end just like the dinosaurs ended, i.e. big meteors falilng from sky, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes etc. Although, I could not tell you the exact time, but it would not happen until we die. LOL!!!
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
Indeed, our world is changing fast! And its changes may be good at first sight but it has some bad effects like you can now enhance your beauty thru surgery but not everyone who undergo cosmetic surgery is successful. We have paper plates, so no need to wash dishes but in return, we have so many trash. But Earth will not be destroy, same thing with human race. so human race will not stop existing. Sin came to this Earth and makes everything beautiful turn to destruction like dying. But God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believe on Him shall not be perish but have everlasting life. When the day of victory come, the Son of God will come from heaven and will receive us. And human race will continue habiting this Earth. But it will be a new Human race in a New Earth.