What are you waiting for,and how long are you waiting?

@pzygtt (193)
November 18, 2008 8:37pm CST
Waiting,is a painful word to me.I hate it since I was very young.I was tried to avoid waiting for somebody by being a little bit late.It sometimes worked,but sometimes the other might be later.So after several years,I gave up.Now,I am trying to be punctual on everything,and I will always take something along with me,a book or a MP3,all both,so that I wouldn't feel boring. But still we are waiting for something during all of life.When we were young,and we were our mothers' uterus,the lifetime waiting process had already started:we were waiting to be born.When we were babies,too young to talk,we were waiting to express ourselves.Then we were going to kindergarten or school,waiting for our parents to take us home.Then waiting for growing up,waiting for someone to love,waiting for an interview for job,waiting for a promotion,waiting for a marriage,waiting for a new baby to be bon,waiting for the child to grow up,waiting to retire,and so on,and finally waiting for the eternal peace to come. What are you waiting for,and how long are you waiting?
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