Will the Detroit Lions EVER win a game this season?

United States
November 18, 2008 10:24pm CST
They fired the GM and got rid of a few players, brought in QB Donte Culpper to help us win a game....and yet they are STILL winless. Same old Lions and the coach...huh...what a JOKE! All he can say in interviews is "I'm going to come to work tomorrow and we are going to work on it. We are not going to change a thing." WHAT? Not change anything? You're team is now 0-10 in a 16 game season and you aren't going to change the way you do things? The owners of this team are sorry excuses. They don't know how to run a football team for their life. Ford Sr. didn't even fire Millen until his son said if it was up to him he would fire him. Mr Ford, PLEASE sell the team to an owner who knows a thing or two about football and will do what it takes to bring the right GM, coaches and PLAYERS here. Without all of these things, Detroit Lions have NO chance of EVER winning a Championship. I am sick to death of watching them lose. I am sick to death of all the excuses the coach and players have after every game. Thank GOD Detroit has hockey and basketball to fall back on!!
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