do you alway cook at home?

November 19, 2008 2:13am CST
some friend of mine alway eat around,they alway order fastfood,or eat in the resterant.i thik some times it is unhealth.i would rather eat at home if i not busy...what about you??
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@Anne18 (11036)
19 Nov 08
I like to cook at home, it is a lot cheaper to cook at home if you have a family plus you can make far more for your money than if you buy in the shops. I make time to cook at home as I can't afford to buy lots of cakes in the shops or ready meals.
@lynettebyc (2416)
• China
19 Nov 08
Eat at home. It's much cleaner cook by ourselves and it can provide nurtrients. Cooks at restaurants put lots of ingridents to make it delicious, some may not good for health and some are even chemcial products which might be poisonous. The pursue the profit and taste at the cost of the customers' benefit. Besides all these, i do think that cooking at home is an art. I enjoy this process. Put different foods into the pot and try to synthesize different kinds of dishes. Have to care about taste, color, smell, flavor altogether. Hawhaw, i can only care about the flavor and taste, still need lots of practice. Next time we can share our experience of cooking, how do you think?
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
I don't cook so I prefer to eat out, but I do try hard a lot to learn cooking for my husband's sake because, he loves homemade food.