what is your favorate old song that remind your past??

November 19, 2008 10:06am CST
a song from carpenter " I know i need to be inlove" is very imotional song. I learned this song since I am 6 years old, my mother sing this song to me and i sing with her. when I get older I still lestining this song and it remind me many things. until I fell inlove this song is dedicated to my boyfriend until we get married I still lestining this song. you know why? coz this song inspired me a lot. its quite imotional but its beautiful song. what about you? what is your favorate song? are you lestining this song until now? did it remind you about your past?
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@pitulica (56)
• Romania
20 Nov 08
Favourite song from my childhood is one that my father used to listen - Scorpions with Wind of change. I also love Modern Talking and C.C.Cath that my father loved. And another song that i used to sing when i was little: Toto Cutugno- L`italiano.
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
I'll be over you by TOTO. it always reminds me of my ex she loves that song. and everytime i hear that song i remember her. Especially the lyrics it really describes the pain that ive gone through to be over her.
@ranran (29)
• China
20 Nov 08
My favourite song is " Behind blue eyes".The tone is very sad. I love this song.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
"The Old Song" I forgot the name of the artist. But I always sing this song until now and it is my favorite. When I was In high school one of my classmate sing this song to me and that guy is my "crush". He was not linked to me since then but that song serves as our theme song. Until now if I sing that song the first person got on my mind was he. But there is no meaning and yet I'm married now. I really love that Old song.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Any kind of Green Day song or punk song reminds me of my past. Punk songs are generally about messing around and causing trouble like we all used to do when we were kids.