Im Drunk and Im Myloting, So What?

@rainmark (4306)
November 19, 2008 3:41pm CST
Well my husband bought me a vodka as what i have requested to him, it's been a long time now and i never had any drinks til now. I had my first glass until i finish the big bottle while having myloting, hahaha, to my surprise i feel the world is spinning round and round, and still doing mylot, i can say i am drunk now, yes and i still aware what's happening around, my hubby still watching his football games on the telly, my baby is till awake and im more energized to posts here in mylot. So strange, when im drunk my brain is working well, and yes it's true as what my friends told me before they said, when i get drunk i keep talking in english and my brain is working properly. No wonder i posted alsmot a hundred of posts heretoday hahaha. Maybe i need to drink wodka everyytime i am myloting. lolz i am also goo writer when i get drunk, i can create good story but i ended up sleeping! . So guys keep myloting and i enjoy it let's earn here even few dollars it can buy vodka hahhaha, im not alcoholic! I only drink once a year lolz. hehehehe. So does the alcohol gives you a good energy or ended up you sleeping? Happy posting.
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
20 Nov 08
lol =D I'm very much surprised that u are still able to type so well when the world around u is spinning?? lol =D U are indeed an unusual drinker, just like jackie chan or jet li, whereby in their old movies, they have to get drunk b4 they can really fight.. lol =D When i'm drunk, i will just feel like closing my eyes and sleep.. I wont have the energy to do anything else, even though i know i can.. haha ^_^
@myklj999 (18067)
20 Nov 08
One of my good friends here, Mrghill, does some of his best discussions while drinking and myLotting.