do you wear socks all the time?

November 19, 2008 4:39pm CST
im just curious, for those who live in a country where there is a winter season, do you always wear socks? even when you are inside the house? or even in your sleep? ive been from a very warm country so socks are only needed occasionally. But when I came here in europe, ive been wearing socks, though not all the time, but most of the time, to protect my feet from cold. how about you?
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• Philippines
19 Nov 08
Although I think you're needing answers from people living in countries with winter seaon, I will still answer your question. I am from the Philippines and we only have summer and rainy season here. I have this friend who always wears socks. All the time! She's a girl and she doesn't want her feet feel cold, so she always wear socks. They have centralized airconditioning at home so I think even if it's summer here, she still wears socks.
• Norway
19 Nov 08
hi kababayan! im also a filipina.. maybe thats the reason why shes used to wear socks, because they have aircon all over their house. thanks for the response.
• United States
19 Nov 08
I wear socks with my shoes and if I've been out all day I usually just leave my socks on my feet until it starts to get later in the evening and I start to warm up and it's not as cold in my house anymore. Sometimes though I do end up putting on a pair of socks just to keep my feet warm. It just depends on how cold I really am.