how cruel could she be

@daceyp (327)
November 20, 2008 7:08am CST
on the jeremy kyle show this morning a man wanted help with his ex girlfreind.they were together for 5 months and in that time she kept running back to her ex whenever things went wrong between her and her new bloke. during there time together she got pregnant not to sure if he knew she was pregnant before they split. but today on the show she told him if he didnt get back together with her she would have the baby aborted.theres is nothing like emotional blackmail!!!!.he is willing to help her in all ways with the baby when it comes but this isnt good enough for her. she also said that if she did have the baby that the dad would have any say in the childs up bringing even if they were together. she has got other children so she knows what joy a child can bring to her life.but what i cant get over is the fact that she is so sure that if they dont get back together she wasnt haveing the baby. i bet the bloke is regreting the day he ever met her.and like me wondering how cruel someone can be if they dont get there own way
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@julise (494)
• Indonesia
20 Nov 08
is this true story or you made it up? or it's from tv? She's cruel, but maybe she has her reason. What about her economic condition? Probably she's not strong enough (economicly and mentally), that's why she need someone to be with her handling the situation. So, when there's no one with her, all she can think about is giving up.
@daceyp (327)
21 Nov 08
it was ok uk tv yesterday.she had already bought up two kids on her own and said she didnt want to do it again.but this is no reason to bribe a man to get back with her.when he already said he would be there to help her in every way