Ever got tongue tied face to face for something you rehearsed a thousand times ?

@ronnyb (6120)
November 20, 2008 9:02am CST
You rehearsed it so mamy times you could say it backwards in your sleep.Then comes the moment of truth and you go aaaaah hmmmmmm,nothing is coming out right and you stand there looking like a mumbling idiot. Even worse ,you rant and rave and fume at the ear about how you are going to let someone have a piece of your mind and then you see the person and you are as calm as a lamb , you even get cussed off in the process. What can I say ,just another of the twist and turns that make lif einteresting .Ever happened to you ?
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@suzzy3 (8357)
20 Nov 08
HI Over the phone I can make my point and sound like a monster and when they come out to me,ie repairs to something indoors ,they come up the garden path like mice and when they see me all polite and about five foot of me they are quite bemused. I don't find reheasing anything is any good as it tends to just come out naturally ,they always see my point and give me a refund in shops or exchange something as they don't want me kicking off in their shop.I know my rights and check my facts before hand and I can argue for Britain as long as I kmow I am right.If I am not sure I keep quite.xx
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@ronnyb (6120)
• Jamaica
20 Nov 08
lol I guess you are a woman who know what she wants and is not afraid to say it