What Will You Say To A Stranger Who Seeks Financial Aid For The Wake...

November 20, 2008 9:36am CST
One early morning as I opened my shop, a stranger came before me asking for a donation because her son just died, showing me a piece of paper purposely to convince me that what she was saying was true. Because I just opened my shop and I haven't made a sale yet, I told her that I'll donate "maybe next time". Most probably irritated, she said to me in reply, "I already lost a son, do I have to lose another child?" and I was just dumbfounded by her reaction. Of course, I didn't mean that. I admit, I made a wrong choice of words because my answer connotes a double meaning. If you were in my situation, what would you think is the most appropriate way of saying it?
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@YamiKiba (938)
• United States
20 Nov 08
Wow. . .that's a really awkward situation you got into. What exactly does your shop specialize in that the woman had the idea you would be able to help her out? In all honesty, I would not know what to say. . .but if she was a stranger, you could've just told a white lie that it wasn't really your shop and your "boss" would fire you if you gave her any money and that you were just opening the shop since you lived the closest to it. . .If I were in that situation, I would've tried to avoid it altogether, since you said you hadn't made any sales yet.
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• Philippines
21 Nov 08
It's a modest business, not so much as would make me rich. LOL!!! Perhaps, it's a common nature to assume that whoever does business, and the business looks very competitive, must be rich. But I'm an exception. LOL!!! You're right, I should've avoided it altogether by saying "I don't have a sale yet..." but I don't think she'll believe me.
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
22 Nov 08
O what situation,... its hard to explain that but i think that i would give her a few dolars, maybe 10 or something like that, i could afford that cost no matter how broke i was, so... But in this situations people worry are these people telling the thrue or just lie, how can we know?
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