New law? No one 19 and under can carry more then one passenger...

November 20, 2008 5:14pm CST
So where I live they are trying to pass a new law where anyone who is 19 and under can only drive a car if they have one..or no passengers that are 19 and under. They say its because of distractions in the car causing accidents. I personally think thats a load of bull. If this law passes, then I wont be able to have passengers. Im sure alot of people out there think this is a good idea...WRONG. and heres a few reasons why: 1. People have been doing it for so long that there will be too many people out there who wont listen to the law 2. Enviromental issues; If you wanted to go to the movies with three of your friends, youd have to take three seperate cars to abide by this law, meaning more cars, more pollution, more traffic, possibly even more chance of accident because for every one car BEFORE the law..there would be another two of them out on the road. Actually, there are many reasons that it will not work so I wont name them all. Its just frustrating. Sure there are alot of teens out there who get their liscense go hogwild. But there are alot of teens out there who are amazing drivers. Try spending thousands of your own money on a car, insurance, gas..thendrive wrecklessly. I had to buy my own car and I am so afraid of smashing it up I drive speedlimits at all times, and dont mess around. Not evert adult out there can say that. I just find we get a bad rep. Teens dont crash becuase of friends in their car. This goes for absolutely everyone out there, teens, adults or whatever. Theres many distractions. How many times have you had a bad day, and then drove hope all zoned out and realize when you get home that you dont remember much of the ride? And not everyone out there has pulled over to talk on their phones. Blasting music is a distraction too. So I know this is a long rant, I just think that this is one of the most rediculous laws. I can see them having alot of trouble enforcing it. Anyone who has had their liscense since they were sixteen adn have been driving their friends with no problem isnt all of a sudden gonna stop, or also not just stay in becuase they cant drive around with people just cuase 2 years later they decide to pass this law. If anything, they should just limit the amount of people. For example..somene who has had their liscense for less than 7 months can only have 2 passengers maximun..or SOMETHING. Not just completly get rid of it all together. What do you think? Say you want to send your 18 year old son to get his 2 sisters at a friends house cuase you're tired and dont feel well. He wouldnt be allowed to do it cuase of this law! What do you think about this?
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