The singer who did not say ok to voice lessons

November 20, 2008 8:14pm CST
I took up voice lessons for a while, did a little piano lessons, could compose some songs. When I was 7, we were in a radio children's show singing some children's song and that was a very good singing experience. Today, so many talent shows are for "amateur" and "professional" singing. We would vote whose got the best edge and so. My question is, what are you looking for in a singer? Is it the one who simply has the attitude, the one who can hit the notes or the one that touches your every emotions?
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• Romania
10 Dec 08
A great singer (in my opinion) should have a combination of all that. You can't make your songs appealing and admired by others if you don't transmitt anything through them and just sing. You have to put feelings in every song. Also, if you are good at transmitting feelings through songs, but don't have the voice for it... that's not so good either... But that can be thaught. You must also have a positive attitude. No matter how you look, you have to be yourself, actually. You have to feel the music when singing it, you have to be able to 'act' on stage and comunicate with the fans (not necassaryly by talking, just with your attitude). Supposing you're having a concert, if you'll just go on stage and for the rest of the show just stand or sit and sing, not doing anything else, it wouldn't be very interesting... And last, but definitly not least, you must like what you're doing! If you don't have fun singing, you can't expect to have succes, because people can tell when you feel uncomfortable. Do you plan on going to a contest of that kind? How old are you?
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
Nope, I've no plans on joining contests. I'm only singing when I'm invited. I do more composing than really performing...
• Romania
3 Feb 09
So you don't plan on becoming a singer... well then you don't need to worry about these things at least...
@intanayu (56)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 08
I tHiNk,iN the singing we must concentrate and understand the content of the songs that we will singing
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@jedimind (200)
• Singapore
25 Nov 08
if it is a singing competition, i would solely base my judging on the singing alone. the problem with all these talent show is that i feel they don't really pick the best voice out of all the singers, but they look for other criteria such as looks, personality and stage presence. i can assure you that there are much better singers out there than the american idol winners, only problem is that they don't even get considered because of the above mentioned criteria