Have you ever had a stranger make your day and they didn't even know it?

United States
November 20, 2008 9:36pm CST
My father is very ill and not expected to live much longer. I have not been able to see him for quite a few weeks because my children keep bring home colds and stomach viruses from school and I can't take the chance of getting him sick so I stay away until all signs of illness in my house are gone.(I do talk to him several times a day) I(finally, yea!!)get to go see him tomorrow. But today I was just really missing him and having a very hard time at work when a total stranger did something that completely helped me and he had no idea that he did anything at all. I work at a little cafe in a tiny little town. It was my turn to take a table of customers and I went over to get their drink order. After I said hello, the man (Probably in his late 80's) put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me real tight and told me that he was there with his daughter, his granddaughter, and his great granddaughter. He asked me didn't I think that was amazing and of course I told him it was. The whole time just standing there with such love in his eyes for his family and still holding me around my shoulder. He reminded me so much of my dad. That is exactly the look my dad gets when he looks at all of us. And that is exactly the way he hugs us. It was exactly the comfort I needed. A little while later I actually told this kind man what he had done, about my dad and how much that little hug did for me. By the time we were done talking him and his "girls" and I were all teary eyed and he hugged me again. My day went much better after that. So, do any of you have any stories like that? If so did you let the person know what they did for you and how did they react back? Thanks for taking the time to read and respond....Have a great night!! :)
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• India
21 Nov 08
I was getting late waiting for an auto to go back home after a duty. Being a chill wintry night, I was scared in my heart that maybe the autodriver will steal my purse and throw me mid way. My daughter was sick andtimewas slippingby as Istood their petrified. However, finally an auto stopped on my waving. It had an olddriver with the most gentle demeanor. Not only he smiled as a father but remostrated me forventuring out alone at that hour. All my fear evaporated as I safely arrived at my destination. That stranger driver surely made my day.