work at home or away from home??

November 21, 2008 2:35am CST
Do you like to work at home or like to work outside??why?? For me,i prefer to work at home.You can work as long as you have computer with internet access. If you prefer to work outside,you need to face and socialise with different types of people.And you need some high academic qualification if you wanna get a better job.However,if you work at home,all you need to have is just a little basic of computer knowledge. Am I right??^^
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@kaka135 (14141)
• Malaysia
21 Nov 08
I always prefer to work at home, as I can have more freedom and manage my own time. Also, I don't need to wake up early, spend about 3 hours a day on the road and face the traffic jam. I will have more personal time, and also I will be more concentrating on work. Working outside is fun too, you can chat with your colleagues, meet new people, and learn from them. Working at home will be quite lonely, as you have no one to discuss with you. As I'm pregnant and always feel sick, my boss allows me to work at home. Well, I'm a programmer, so what I need to work is only a computer and Internet connection. I've been working at home for 3 months, it's really a nice feeling. Just that sometimes I find it a bit difficult to discuss with others. Luckily, I'm handling the project by myself, so not much discussions need to be done.
@nishdan01 (3055)
• Singapore
21 Nov 08
Working at hone is good. Not all can work from home except IT professionals. All other jobs that pays you to work do not pay you well or are scams. Acedemic qualification is a must for all jobs to bring out the best in you. If you are talking about data entry jobs, it is a scam and so are people wasting time looking behind genuine jobs.