The most Unforgettable moment....

November 21, 2008 4:00am CST
Life is full of suspenses and we can predict things but existence depends upon time.In my life i have seen this,For my 19 th birth day,i was in my home town i missed my friends a lot.But as a surprise for me, my close friends visited to my native and wished me.Like this you may also have most the unforgettable moment.Is there any???
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@adihindu (1922)
• India
21 Nov 08
I think the most unforgettable moment in my life was when I met my boyfriend for the first time, after 10 months of on line love... it was just a spectacular moment when my heart was racing through really fast.. I stay in Bangalore and he stays in Delhi, so I had gone over to Delhi to my grand mom's place... I met him in a shopping mall, 'LIFESTYLE', where I was shopping wit my first he said he wouldn't meet me and I was really depressed, but then all of a sudden he calls on my granny's cell and speaks like a gal to talk 2 me(because my family is against me speaking to guys) and he asks me where I was.. so I tell him n the very next moment, (within I think 2 mins) he was there... I was so freaked out at first because if my granny were to see him, I would've definitely been screwed... I go over to the skirts section leaving granny in the shirts section, and just for a few seconds r eyes met, and I had the greatest feeling in the world... I just cant explain because no amount of words cud possible bind my feelings into them!! Happy myLotting.
@pzygtt (193)
• China
21 Nov 08
Well,you say the most unforgettable moment for me,I think is that, Two months ago,I took a train to Shanghai,I read newspapers for a while,then I was tired,I closed my eyes and had a nap.Suddenly,I was aroused by a voice.It was something like this,a policeman caught a thief when he was stealing my wallet.That's really terrible for me.But fortunately,I met a fine policeman,I should give my most sincere thinks to him. That's my most unforgettable moment. So,friends,how about you? Happy posting?Happy day!
@etranger (126)
• India
21 Nov 08
its refreshing to think about our past and yes i have several such moments ... i cherish the moment when my girlfriend accepted my proposal for that day i had many things in mind not just the impression of high heel on my face but the excitement is still fresh in my mind