first time!!!-----why of so much importance??

first love!! - always of so much importance!!!
November 21, 2008 6:04am CST
why is it like that--whatever you do for the first time in your life is so important to you??the first best friend,first love,first date,first job,first salary,first day at school,first car,first time you drived cycle by your own??? why are these first's so important to us??almost everyone will remember the details of these first does not matter if these first days hwere of success or were disastrous...but still they are important...maybe you don't tell about the diasaters you've made,but you'll definitely remember them through out your life...and are bound do discuss each and every detail of the sucessful one's... why its like that...were all your first experience always good??mine were not....:-( do reply.... have a nice day!!!
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