is humanity dying out???

November 21, 2008 6:21am CST
are people becoming more and more insane these days!!i think humanity is really fading out from us humans...the way people behave with each other,the way they treat other animals,the way they have started exploiting each other...i would like to share my experience here...i'm in India and we do find of stray dogs on of the female dog near my college has given birth to 11 pups...and all of them are really very very health and very cute...but the mother seems to be very weak...i just went to feed her...and found that many student(not kids,the ones studing in college)were hitting her for no reason at all and were harrzing the pups was good that we went there in group and they seemed to sort of understand that we would fight with them for what thet were doing and stopped it...but the point is that if they don't like to help anyone,no problem...but why to harrase others for no reason at all.......the other day i also noticed them making fun of an old lady begger askin for alms....don't they feel pity for anyone at all?? do you have same kind of people around you?? do you too feel that humanity is running away fron us humans???
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