I find it funny when a person is on a cartoon. What is your favorite?

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November 21, 2008 8:04am CST
I like it when the people are "Simpsonized" and you can tell who they are. I want to know who is your favorite simpsonize actor or artist? Mine was 50 cent. Although I'm not to hot on his music since he left the underground.
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@tlaquan (177)
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14 Dec 08
i will have to go with that cartoon the boondocks and they had lil wayne in it i could tell who he was they had the tats and everything
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23 Nov 08
I haven't seen that show in years. But I can say that I remember when Tony Hawk made an appearance on that show. It was cool to see him because he's awesome and he's, well, Tony Hawk. Anyway, I guess I can say that I Southparkized myself as an avatar, lol. But I think I look cooler in this picture, lol.
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21 Nov 08
I think it is funny also. I remember watching the simpsons and always thought it was funny when they appeared on the show as simpsonized. My favorite has to be the Michael Jackson impersonator with Homer being in jail.