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United States
November 21, 2008 9:10am CST
Have you ever had a friend or relative say I remember you told me***** years ago and it really helped me? This has happened to me more than once, most of the time I never remember what I said or why, but it certainly reminds me to be careful what I do say because what you say may be much more important then you think. I have in the past not paid much attentions to this because I always felt that no one valued me enough to remember what I said. This also holds a lesson, tell people how much they mean to you, you may never get another chance. If you have had experiences like this please tell me, I feel alone hanging out here.
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• India
21 Nov 08
Well yes... it often makes me wonder. I hardly bother to think much about what I speak, but there are people who do take me seriously and remember my great words. Yes, I guess I must be more careful before I utter something. Words are highly inadequate many times, but most of the time, they mean a lot to someone. Cheers and happy mylotting
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• United States
21 Nov 08
Two of my sisters recently attended a party with lots of extended family members. Some they didn't even know the names of. A woman came up to my two sisters and asked if I was going to be there. My sisters told her no, because I live so very far away I couldn't make it. The lady told my sisters how at a gathering many years ago, I as a 'big' teenager had spent a couple of hours with her as a 'little' girl. I fixed her hair, painted her finger nails, talked and laughed with her. This lady told my sisters how much that had meant to her, how special it had made her feel and how she treasured that memory.----------- I do not remember the incident at all, but it gratifies me that my sisters would tell me about it, remarking that it sounds so much like something I would do. How nice to hear that, especially now as I have become very limited in my mobility. To think that I was kind even as a teen--------kindness is something I treasure in people.