A Crippled Man Was Beahed!! !! !!

@okwusman1 (2249)
Abuja, Nigeria
November 21, 2008 10:10am CST
An Arm Runner was beheaded by a group of detectives that discovered that the crippled man who happens to be a beggar was beheaded as result of the fact that he conceal arms (weapons) for robbers. How does he do this? He is being pushed with a wheel barrow and he pays the pusher at the end of the day, he will conceal the weapons inside the wheel barrow and use a dirty cloth to cover it and sit on them and moves around to survey the places to be attacked by arm robbers. By so doing, he is being paid by arm robbers who uses this man to bypass the police on check points also so that the arms will not be detected. After passing the police on road blocks and checks points, he releases these weapons to arm robbers. People in the area who discovered this trick beheaded him. Do you support this action? Is it babaric?
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