Have you ever heard about human trafficking?

November 21, 2008 1:05pm CST
This made me sick to the bones. Just imagine how wicked some people are. I just dont know how could they do it. And somehow Ijust can't believe how those poeple are being fooled specialy those ladies who would like to get their partner through the internet and indeed up in the hands of these people whose soul already in hell even before they die because of their wickedness.
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@BubblyIan (751)
21 Nov 08
This is one of many problems that has been massively exaggerated by the media. It is used to justify treating illegal female immigrants as victims and allow them to stay here. In reality, most of these people choose to come over here and are largely aware of why they are coming here. Many of them end up working illegally - but they are still likely to be better off here than where they came from. I think they have mostly chosen to come anyway. Of course some of them are probably forced to come over. There are much bigger problems in society than this - but since this issue can be used to discriminate between male illegal immigrants (economic migrants) and female illegal immigrants (trafficked) then the feminist media are once again able to highlight a non-issuer to keep the feminists here with something to complain about.
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• Philippines
22 Nov 08
Sometimes the media does. But lets just think to those whose been forced to do it. So terrible. Thanks for sharing your thought anyways.