What kind of lover are you?

@mrsjbelle (1641)
United States
November 21, 2008 6:10pm CST
I am shy even if I've been with the guy for years. I wish I could loosen up. I don't like to be the one on top or talk alot. I do like to please. Maybe if I had a drink I could loosen up a little but my man doesn't drink so that's almost out of the question. I could but it's no fun drinking alone.
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• United States
22 Nov 08
well well well i am not alone . i have been married for 2 years to my new husband and i still dont like making love with the light on . i was married to my ex for 7 and i never had the lights on so i am shy . buy my ne whubby makes me feel so special so now we take baths together big step for me but the light are still off in the bed room . i dont what to tell you to loosen up cause i have the same problem if you find a soultion let me know
• United States
26 Nov 08
I'm a little too loose. I see what I want and I go get it!
• Philippines
24 Nov 08
If your partner loves you for who you are, he accepts the whole of your personality whether you're shy or expressive. My husband is the quiet type and though I sometime wish he'd be more vocal, I accept him for who he is and know that he expresses his love the best way he knows how
• India
23 Nov 08
that my lover only know......that's not easy to explain......
22 Nov 08
Wow! I am not shy when I am with the man I like or love, I like to everything I can to please him so he will be happy with me. And I want to make sure that he will be contented and enjoyed with everything we do together, I don't want him to get fed up with me. And it's a great feeling when your lover is pleased with you and your love with each other grows more sweetly and strong.