Adam "Pacman" Jones should be kicked out of the NFL

@stinge (808)
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November 22, 2008 2:32am CST
Anyone that follows football knows the story of Pacman Jones over the last year. Last season this guy was involved in an off the field incident in a Las Vegas club that ended in a shooting which left a man paralyzed. He was suspended from the league for a year. During that time he was involved in several more incidents, one of them in another club in which he, and another in which he got into it with the cops. After all of this, the Tennessee Titans finaly released him from the team. But of course loike it allways happens in all sports, there is allways some team owner desperate and dumb enough to sign these trouble making players. He was signed by the Dallas Cowboys, who also hired a personal body guard to keep him out of trouble. Is it worth it to sign a player in which you have to hire a personal body guars to keep him out of trouble. And sure eough just a few weeks ago, he still finds a way to get in trouble yet again. This time he gets into a fight at a hotel with his own personal body gaurd that was hired to protect him. After the league investegates the situation, they suspend him yet again after finding out that there was alcohol involved in that incident, which was a violation of his reinstatement the first time. He decides to check himself into rehab, and he is on his way back from suspension again. When the hell are they gonna kick this idiot out of the league?
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26 Nov 08
I will not argue that it's getting old seeing these players do the same stupid thing over and over. If you do it to one then do it to all. You have Anthony Henry of the Cincinnati Bengals who has been in tons of trouble and allowed back, so he's given another chance and I don't hear much about him. Is it that most people say Pacman shouldn't be allowed back because of the team he's on or is from what he has done? Would you have heard all about him if he played for another team?
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23 Nov 08
I kindof agree with you on PAcman but here is the problem. There is so much pressure on winning in the nfl that teams will do anything to get there. i mean just look at all pro sports and just look at how many coaches get fired now at the beginning of seaasons. it just happen y-day in the NBA. OLK fired there coach after going 1-12. Who is to say that team got off to a slow start and couldnt make up those 11 games in 100 games? nope they fired a coach. So with that kind of premuniun on winning we will continue to have people like pacman jones on our beloved teams. My 2 cents on this
@stinge (808)
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24 Nov 08
That's the problem with all sports. There's allways some team owner willing to take on the contract of a trouble maker. Instead of these team owners banning together and not signing these guys, there is allways one out there that will reward them them buy signing them to his team. I the Manny Ramirez situation is a perfect example. Some body is going to reward this guy with a contract for next year. The owners don't care if he played his way out of the Red Sox organization. They won't look at the number of times he came up with these fake injuries because he wanted out of Boston. All they see is a guy who is one of the games best hitters, and someone will give him a contract regardless of the problems he caused with his former team. The guy was on his best behavior when he got traded to the Dodgers. And now he expects a long term contract. I say if you gonna sign a guy like that, because of how he acted in Boston, he should only get a one year deal for the rest of his career. Guys like that are gonna have to prove that they will be one their best behavior, and at the end of the season we will give you another one year contract.
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22 Nov 08
im glad we (titans) got RID of him!! but yeah he seriously shouldnt be allowed to play with him being a constant train wreck.. its like he thinks he is untouchable and hell it seems as if he is since if he wasnt famous he would have been locked up awhile back