Jurrasic cellphone...

@diutay (1315)
November 22, 2008 7:19am CST
My friends sometimes would make jokes about my cellular phone. They say it's an item best seen in a museum. I've had this for years and I find it sturdy even if it lacks the features commonly seen in the recent releases of cellphones. Mine is from Nokia but I don't even remember what model it is. I'd usually tell them that at least I won't have to worry that somebody will steal it or something. I am contemplating though of getting a new one but I'll still keep the one that I have right for sentimental reasons. Do you have any suggestions on what to get and why?
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22 Nov 08
Hi diutay, I have a cellphone that is over four years old and yes it is an old phone, you can just do call people recieved calls text, and it has three little games on it and it don't take photos or anything like that. Tamara
@littleowl (7157)
22 Nov 08
Well, Nokia is still a good phone,Samsung and Sony Ericsson are good too, I have just upgraded from Motorola but to aa Sony Ericsson yet Motorola there is nothing wrong with either..realy you have a great choice out there but I have heard some bad things about Blackberry...my friend had one and my son's friend have one and both of them are always going wrong..so I would steer away from those...littleowl
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22 Nov 08
I have an ancient nokia also!! And people make fun of mine too! Haha. I don't care though, it the the sturdiest most reliable cell phone I've ever had! It's the first one that I got, and everytime I upgrade I end up breaking the dang thing. I hate flip phones, they are so fragile. I don't mind not having a camera phone, games, fancy ring tones, internet access, etc.I just need to make phone calls! I have dropped that phone at least 30 times and nothing has happened. Still working fine. Nokia's for life! Hahaha!