Last night I dreamt I was in a car accident ,would you leave home the next day ?

@ronnyb (6120)
November 22, 2008 8:22am CST
Are dreams just the the processing of experiences, aspiration and visions we have in our subconsciousness or is it a link with a futuristic crystal ball which can provide knowledge about our outcomes.Even persons who do not believe in spiritism (or mysticism)still embrace the notions that dreams are subtle hints that when interpretted can allow us to avoid pitfalls in life.My dear mother ,a good christian is one such person,is always telling me she dreamt green bananas (in our culture ,green bananas means disappointment)last night so I should be careful about the things I am doing.There are many persons like this,who adamantly believe that there future is written in the stars and from time to time we are given subtle hints that we should never ignore or else !!! misfortune.These persons range from the horoscope followers,dream interpretters and palm readers. Do you believe dreams can provide such valuable insight into the future and what would you do if you dreamt something bad was gonna happen if you went to work after a night when you dreamt that you would be hurt in a car accident?
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@maroseqf (3657)
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
If it entails you to leavehome like youhave to go to work, then you should do. I think dreams can be interpreted in different ways. Here in the Philippines, most people believe that when you dreamt of losing your tooth, it means that someone close to you will die or there will be a big change in your life. I also have dreams that I think came true. I just thought at some instance that I've dreamt about that certain situation. Well, I am not really sure.
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• Canada
23 Nov 08
In my country, when people dream about something, they will experience the opposite on the next day ^^ That means if tonight u dream about a car accident, maybe tomorrow somebody will give you a new car lol ^^
• China
23 Nov 08
I agree with you about dream^^.
• China
23 Nov 08
I agree with the floor5 said, older often says so ,too.
• Indonesia
23 Nov 08
Dreams can be some hints and paths bout the future, but its can be a fake hints too. But, its better u think again if u want to go out after u had a dream like that. Some people believe "Dreams Come True" or "Dreams Never Come True". Its depend on u which do u choose. Its better if u tell ur dream into ur relatives, to avoid any bad things that can be happened. Stay calm and think clearly.
@mengrufa (239)
• China
23 Nov 08
It is said when you are think something would happen surely, it probably will.I forget how to explain it to you, but it really exist. Believe it or not, dreams always come true in the reality. No matter it will or not, when we come across a good thing in the dream, we should be happy for that; when it is not a good thing, we should forget it immediately, do not let it haunt our minds. Because life is uncertain.
@meticulo (1286)
• United States
22 Nov 08
I believe so that dreams can somehow give hints of what's gonna happen tomorrow. But it should not be taken so seriously that it would hinder most of your plans for the following day or in the future. If you believe that it will really come true, I suggest you would tell that dream to a lot of people so as to block the negative drive away. I learned that from the oldies. And the most important thing you can do is pray. Ask God to keep you safe and that your bad dream will not come true. God is the source of everything therefore He is the ultimate answer to all your worries and fears. Don't be afraid! God bless!