hi mylot friends

United States
November 22, 2008 9:04am CST
hi mylot friends!i have decided that i will visit my daughter that i have not seen for 25 years .i will be traveling to calif. my only problem is that i have triplet boys that are 6 years old that i will not leave back with there father to care for because i feel his patience is very bad .i cant find airline tickets any lower than 600 dollars .by the time i am done it will cost me about 3000.00 dollars for all of our tickets and room then we will still need to rent a car.i really want to go and have no other family that can help with them.do you have any ideas for cheaper fair?we plan to leave in may.i last saw my daughter when she was one year old and would really like to have more family that i can love and rely on.
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